specific blog category loop

Show specific blog category in WordPress

To show a specific blog category loop just add this snippet to where you want it in your theme and set the correct category number or comma separated numbers.

add wordpress shortcode to your theme

How To hardcode a WordPress Shortcode into theme

Add a WordPress shortcode or Plugin shortcode anywhere in your theme. Just add this snippet into your theme where you want the shortcode to appear and replace “[shortcode]” with your Read More


Team Member Reveal Text on Hover Boxes

I have created a simple team member grid that reveals a short bio on hover. This can be used in a Bootstrap grid, or with CPT (custom post type) query Read More

visual composer

How To remove default elements in Visual Composer

Visual composer can be a little overwhelming with all of the options and elements available. So here I will show you how to remove default elements that you may not Read More

css scroll indicator

Animated Scroll Indicator CSS

A simple scroll indicator created with CSS. Great for large hero image landing pages. See the Pen Animated Scroll Indicator CSS by Christopher Cook (@cccamuseme) on CodePen.

featured image

Use Featured Image as Background Image in WordPress

To use your WordPress featured image as a background image, simply use the code below. Place the first line after your header call and add the style to the div Read More


Enable Keep-Alive in WordPress

By enabling this we can keep the client/server connection open across multiple requests, which will increase performance. Simply locate you .htaccess file and add the code below after the line Read More


Responsive Featured Images in WordPress

I ran across an issue with a theme recently that would not return responsive featured images. The image itself was responsive to the body but not the containing elements. I Read More


Reduce HTTP Requests in WordPress

WordPress can be fickle when trying to speed it up, especially if you are using more than a handful of plugins. So to help with the performance we can reduce Read More

chris cook

Web Designer Depot Mention July 2016

I was very happy and shocked to see my portfolio site mentioned in the renowned web designer depot blog spot for The best new portfolio site, July 2016 spot. Here Read More

large buildings

Create Bootstrap Grid Layouts Quick and Easy

There are many framework’s out there to choose from, but my favorite by far is Bootstrap grid. Bootstrap provides a quick and easy way to create responsive website layouts. Bootstrap 3 introduces the Read More

parallax background tutorial

How To Add Scrolling Parallax Background

In this Tutorial I will show you how to add a scrolling Parallax background to sections of your site. I will also show you how to use Flexbox to center Read More

css outline buttons

How To Create CSS Outline Buttons

I have been asked How To Create CSS Outline Buttons so I created a set of modern outlined buttons that become solid on hover using simple CSS. Feel free to Read More

full page menu

How To Create A Full Page Overlay Menu

Here is a full page overlay menu that is responsive for mobile and is a great way to make your menu stand out. I like this menu for it’s simplicity and Read More

How To Create A WordPress Widget Area

To create or add additional WordPress widget areas or sidebars to your WordPress website or theme its as simple as adding some code to your themes functions.php file. Now, as Read More

Wordpress Security

How To Improve Your WordPress Security

We all know that having your website hacked is not fun and can be down right frustrating knowing that it could have been prevented with some simple tips. 1. Secure Read More

How To Reorder Bootstrap Columns

Bootstrap is a powerful tool for developing responsive templates because of the easy to use grid system. But one feature of the grid that I have not seen explained very Read More

how to favicon

How To Add A Favicon To Your Website

What Is A Favicon? A Favicon is a small image that is used as a websites favorites icon. Favicon’s help users find your website in favorites or bookmark bars by Read More

how to child theme

How To Create A Child Theme In WordPress

Many people using WordPress have heard the term child theme, or have come across themes that utilize child themes but might not understand what a child theme really is. I Read More